24. Hospitality professional, former film student. video game enthusiast, comic reader, book lover, music absorber, toku and anime fan, highlander.
I am into GUINEA PIGS and BEARS.
I have an obsessions with fantasy, sci-fi, and cyberpunk.
I am medically an insomniac but I have it in check.

Anonymous asked:
I know this is awkward for an anon to say but, you're pretty cool. Keep pushing on with your coolness. :D


Anonymous asked:
Ok, so...?

I’ve already given up on Katy and I ever working things out enough to get back together.

Neither of us are in a position to compromise on our wants and needs, and I think she already feels too negatively towards me to ever make anything happen.

Plus, she’s into someone else. There’s nothing else to say beyond that.

Now please stop pestering me about this. I’ve ignored your other messages up until now but I hope this will put and end to them.